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About Us

Hello friend,

Nine years ago I decided to get a wine rack for my kitchen. I looked online and found two options. 

The first was inexpensive and cheaply made. And the wine racks looked terrible. Not what I wanted.

The second option was enormous and expensive. The racks were nice but too costly and more that what I needed. 

So I had an idea. I'll create my own store and offer what I can't seem to find - beautiful, affordable wine racks that could be delivered directly to my customer's doorsteps.

I named my store Wine Rack Country and set off to find wine racks and all sorts of accessories that other wine enthusiasts like myself would find valuable.

The journey has been a blast and we've been supplying happy customers with a wide variety of wine racks, wine glasses, wine party supplies, and so much more almost 10 years now.

This year, 2017, we've decided to expand our offerings and more requests come in from customers.  Soon, we'll be adding wine refrigerators, more varieties of wine racks, and even the opportunity to create your own custom wine cellar! 

We will also be beefing up the number of products in our other categories as well, so we're very excited.

My name is David Peters and this is my store. You can reach me at any time at I'll get back to you personally.

We're not a huge company and don't want to be. We like the personal touch and customer service our company is able to provide and we have no intention of growing into an enormous nameless, faceless corporation.

Thank you for taking the time to browse our store, we know your time is valuable and you have lots of options out there to choose from. We hope you'll make the decision to do business with us!

To your health and happiness,


David Peters

David Peters
President, Wine Rack Country